How To Clear Acne Fast

by admin on February 20, 2013

The largest organ in your body is your skin. Along with all of the important roles skin plays in health and immunity, it is responsible for making us look the way we do. Thus, there is a good reason why many of us get somewhat obsessive over the clarity of our skin. Unfortunately, your skin doesn’t always behave and we can end up with acne breakouts. This article is designed to help you in learning how to clear acne fast and get back to the image of yourself that you want to see in the mirror.

What causes acne?

Your skin is covered with small glands called sebum that produce oil. This oil is normally beneficial, but at times it can build up on the skin and lead to the creation of a blockage. When bacteria known as acne vulgaris grows in this blockage, we see the common pimple. Acne is most troublesome in our teens and twenties, but as many of us know, acne doesn’t disappear after we reach our mid-twenties. Rates of acne growth vary, but many struggle with acne well into their thirties and some experience it for many years later.

Preventing acne

One of the best ways to get rid of acne is to incorporate a serious effort at prevention into your daily routine.
Anything you can do to keep your face cleaner is a step toward preventing acne. One helpful step to getting rid of acne is to keep your hands away from your face. Because your hands are excessively dirty (we use them to do everything, remember), and we often touch our faces way more than we think, your hands can pass dirt unnecessarily to your face many times a day. This dirt, which really consists of sweat, oil, and overall grime, is a great breeding ground for acne vulgaris.

Of course, if you have a difficult time avoiding touching your face, you can also incorporate a stricter washing regime. A good goal is to aim for washing your face at least two times a day. Even if you don’t touch your face a lot, every day residues from the air (such as pollution and cigarette smoke) build up on your skin. By washing your face twice a day with warm water and mild soap, you can do a lot to reducing the amount buildup you get on your face each day. This washing should be in addition to your daily shower, which is also essential to keeping your skin clean and healthy.

How to clear acne fast

These tips are all well and good, but what do you do if, despite your best efforts, you still break out. If you wake up and find your skin to be rebelling against you, there are a number of methods you can use to clear your skin. One common treatment for acne is benzoyl peroxide. Products that have benzoyl peroxide can be purchased over the counter in the form of lotions or gels. Benzoyl peroxide is beneficial for acne because it kills the bacteria that causes acne. If benzoyl peroxide doesn’t work quickly enough, try salicylic acid. Salicylic acid doesn’t kill the bacteria that causes acne, but it forces your skin to shed layers of dead skin. This keeps your pores free of blockages and prevents new acne blemishes from forming.

If neither of these remedies works, you can also turn to antibiotics. Since acne is caused by bacteria, there are
antibiotics (e.g. tetracycline) that can kill the bacteria associated with acne. Antibiotics can be a little rough on the skin, so they are a short-term solution for most people.

One other medicinal option for getting rid of acne fast is Isotretinoin. This medication is only available by
prescription. You may have heard of it by its brand name: Accutane. For some, Accutane can work wonders and even get rid of acne forever. The effects are variable, however, and some claim that it is not a help.

While the methods listed are effective, some would rather stick to all-natural remedies. This is understandable, since our skin is such an important and sensitive organ. There are a number of natural home remedies that have been shown to be effective in treating acne was well.

Natural Remedies For Acne

One popular natural method of preventing or treating acne is using a cucumber face mask. Cucumber is known to have a
cooling and purifying effect on skin. It is also an astringent, which helps the overall appearance of the skin and reduces the visibility of acne. You can apply cucumber in the form of a face mask or face pack. Incorporating one of
these into your daily routine can be a very relaxing and invigorating way to combat acne.
Another natural way of treating acne is with an oatmeal face mask. This adds a natural glow to your skin, keeps your skin healthy, and creates an even texture for your skin. In fact, oatmeal is so good for skin trauma that it is used after sunburn occurs.

Green tea is another reputed home remedy for acne. In fact, the benefits of green tea are almost innumerable so drinking it may have more of a positive effect than just curing your acne. Green tea cleans the system of impurities, which are really what causes acne to appear. The recommendation is to drink two or more cups of green tea a day. The best green tea to drink is that which has no sugar added (ideally you should brew it yourself).

Another product that promotes the clearing away of dead skin is witch hazel. Witch hazel also reduces redness associated with acne and can be applied several times a day.

We all know the embarrassment that a bad acne break out can cause. We spend so much time trying to keep our appearances up, then sometimes our skin disagrees and we wake up with a constellation of pimples. When this happens, follow some of the steps above in order to learn how to clear acne fast!


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